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Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and solo business owners: Break free from the lonely hustle and grow a brand bigger than yourself.


Interactive Virtual Conference for Solopreneurs.

Solo Con 2021 brought together a global community of purposeful Solopreneurs ready to be inspired and equipped to innovate, persevere, and scale our businesses—all so we can increase our impact at home and in the world.

Now you can access all of this life-changing content anytime, anywhere. Get access to more than 20 hours of presentations and workshops from some of the worlds top creators, innovators, and business leaders.

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Whew! I feel like I am growing wings for a whole new journey! The revelations of Solo Con! This is amazing! I need a nap - but dare I get caught napping when gold nuggets are falling everywhere.

Greta B | Solo Con 2021 Attendee


Learn from some of the most successful business leaders of our time and prepare to grow a brand bigger than yourself.

Seth Godin headshot Seth Godin
Author & Top Solopreneur
Amy Porterfield headshot Amy Porterfield
Digital Marketing Expert
Stu McLaren headshot Stu McLaren
Membership Expert & Creator of Tribe
Sara Storck headshot Sara Storck
Director, Brand Strategy, Chick-fil-A Inc.
Judi Holler headshot Judi Holler
Author, Speaker, & Entrepreneur
Jeremy Cowart headshot Jeremy Cowart
Photographer, Artist, & Entrepreneur
Kevin Carroll headshot Kevin Carroll
Author, Instigator of Inspiration, & Creative Catalyst
Alli Worthington headshot Alli Worthington
Business Coach, Speaker, & Author
Ken Black headshot Ken Black
Chief Creative Officer at GMR Marketing
Carlos Whittaker headshot Carlos Whittaker
Author, Speaker, & Hope Dealer
Marc Pimsler headshot Marc Pimsler
Solopreneur, Author, Therapist, & Experiential Trainer
Kevin B. Jennings headshot Kevin B. Jennings
Business Coach & Personal Brand Strategist
Steve Chaparro headshot Steve Chaparro
Founder & CEO of Culture Design Studio, Company Culture Expert
Susie Moore headshot Susie Moore
Life Coach & Author
Chad Cannon headshot Chad Cannon
Michael Hyatt & Company’s Chief Sales Officer
Rachel Cross headshot Rachel Cross
Globally Accomplished Marketer & Chief Business Sherpa of Rachel K Group
David Hutchens headshot David Hutchens
Author & Leadership Development Expert
John Bucher headshot John Bucher
Mythologist, Author, & Creative Director for the Joseph Campbell Foundation
Ben Stewart headshot Ben Stewart
Co-Founder of Louder Agency & Digital Marketing Expert
Sally Z headshot Sally Z
Award-winning Speaker and Speaker Coach
Allison Fallon headshot Allison Fallon
Author, Speaker, & Creative Coach
Janelle Traister headshot Janelle Traister
Content & Brand Messaging Strategy Expert
Gary Ware headshot Gary Ware
Corporate Facilitator, Certified Coach, & Playful Instigator
Shannon Curley headshot Shannon Curley
Creative Entrepreneur
Chelsea Brinkley headshot Chelsea Brinkley
Virtual Executive Assistant Matchmaker & Remote Work Coach
Matt McWilliams headshot Matt McWilliams
Affiliate Marketing Expert
Todd Henry headshot Todd Henry
Bestselling Author, Speaker & Consultant

Learn. Grow. Scale. Together.

15 min in and I'm already like 'THANK GOD I FOUND THIS CONFERENCE!'

Melody A | Solo Con 2021 Attendee


Gain insights and inspiration from the stories of other Solopreneurs, plus equip yourself with the practical skills you need to innovate, persevere, and scale your business. You'll have access to the following takeaways, and so many more.

Brand Messaging

Harness the power of messaging to connect with the right people.

Marketing Roadmap

Develop a marketing plan that’s achievable and effective.


Optimize your website and build a high-converting homepage.

Email Marketing

Grow and maximize your email list to drive traffic that converts.

Marketing Copy

Cut through the noise and write words that sell.

Sales Funnels

Learn how to automate traffic and conversions through proven sales funnel formulas.

Social Media

Effectively build a social media community that boosts your business.

Team Growth

Build a team even when you don’t think you have the money to hire.

Signature Talk

Develop a Signature Talk, rooted in your story, that puts you and your business on the map.

Online Course

Scale your impact by learning how to turn your experience into an online course and sell it.

Build Your Audience

Build recurring monthly revenue from an online community of paying members.

Operational Focus

Learn where to focus now to maximize business growth and profitability.



Get ready to step into the next chapter of your story as a Solopreneur.

  • Recordings from all 15+ mainstage presentations and 20+ practical workshops — that's 20+ hours of high-value content
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  • Discover the secrets to letting purpose drive the success of your business
  • Learn how to delegate, build, and lead a team — because “Flying solo” is a myth!
  • Gain the clarity you need to identify your most important next steps for growth
  • And so much more!

Global Collaboration

You were made for more than the lonely hustle. Solo is a global network of Solopreneurs seeking to change the future through purpose-driven work. We believe that there is wisdom in collaboration, meaning with purpose, and growth through connection.


Harris III

The Solopreneur who started it all.

Harris’ expertise at crafting transformative learning experiences has drawn the attention of creative leaders and executives at global brands like Apple, Disney, Nike and more, along with some of the most innovative non-profit organizations and government agencies in the world—even NASA. 

As the creative mastermind behind the STORY conference, Harris knows a thing or two about being a Solopreneur. Armed with a passion to change the future, Harris has built multiple 7-figure purposeful brands, all while doing the most meaningful work of his life. And he wants to help you do the same.

STORY attendees include leaders from:


Equip yourself to build a better future.